Posted by: mercieb | August 24, 2009


Yep, fall is in the air. With gentle cool breezes, the temps are perfect, the rain has been good enough to wait for another day, and the light has changed. I love fall and… I hate the underlying impending doom of fall. Fall is the thing that let’s you know winter is just around the corner. Fall is the thing that reminds you of all the things you failed to do with your summer. All the missed rides you had on your summer to do list, all the trail runs and hikes you never got to and all the trips, near and far, you’ll not get the chance to go on.

Fall is perfect and maddening at the same time. Like the rest of life, take the good with the bad and drink from your half-full, half-empty glass. Try to squeeze some fun out of the last few days of summer. Or, take a play out of the Alaskan Play Book of Summer Fun, and run, don’t walk, do not pass go and head directly for your fun of choice as fast and as furious as you can.

Yep, it’s fall. Now, go.

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