Posted by: mercieb | January 12, 2010


Moving is always interesting. Either it goes really fast and suddenly  you’re in or days go by and you feel as if the work will never end. I wasn’t particularly vested in the move of this blog so it probably went a lot slower than it could have but I’m not too worried about it. With 7 people out there on the internet checking out my blog, I’m sure they will not have missed anything of vital importance.

I’m actually enjoying the blog thing right now so I will continue to keep documenting my impressions of the world mostly with a cycling oriented bent. I like bikes.



  1. Welcome to your new home on the ‘net.

    I’d probably would have went with WordPress also, but jumped in with Blogger – so think I’ll stay there awhile – I guess. I didn’t know about WordPress ’til later. Plus, Blogger was so easy, a cave man could do it.

    Have fun tweaking with the new layout and possibilities. Oh yeah – and riding bikes….

    • I hear ya… I’m not sure why Scotty decided I needed to swap it all over. Not sure why I listened to him either. If I had to compare the two, I think Blogger is easier to tweak in terms of customizing the appearance of the blog. If you can write a little code, you can make your Blogger look anyway you want it to. I haven’t figured how to hack into my wordpress just yet. Really, I’m not a nerd…

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