Posted by: mercieb | January 14, 2010

Track It

I sure do like to track things. When I started racing, I figured I should keep a log of all my training but that ended up being kind of sad to look at the end of the year. Turns out I’m not good at training. I’ve done most of my racing off the couch (not recommended) and it doesn’t really work out very well for getting the training log fully filled out.

I track other things too. Normal things like the household budget and not so normal things like how much I think it’s going to cost me to get to Hawaii but not how much it actually cost me. Go figure. I’ve come to realize that the tracking is part of the ‘motivation equation.’ If I can make a spreadsheet for it then maybe I can manage to take something that starts out too big and too overwhelming and turn it into something I can wrap my head around.

For instance, I went for a run last night. I hate running and I haven’t been in months. I only went for 30 minutes but I went almost entirely for the fact that I could put the time and mileage into my training log. Weird… but it also worked.

And now my legs are sore.


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